It’s One Month Later and I’m Still Alive

When people ask me how long I’ve been in my current job, I always say, “One month, but it feels like one year.” And I mean that in a good way. 

It feels like one year in terms of what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. When I took on this job, what I didn’t realize was that I would actually have to deal with numbers. Yes. Numbers. Me— the girl who barely passed Math 1, dropped Math 11, and took it again as a summer subject just so she could focus all here energies to it, is now dealing with numbers. The strange thing about it, however, is that I’m getting by. Quite well, if I may say so, myself. In fact, because of this job, I realized that Math is really about logic, and when I look at it that way,  I actually comprehend it. It’s the computation that I’m miserable at, but since I don’t have to do that anymore (thanks to technology and an efficient staff), I’m able to navigate my way through numbers now. File that under The Great Miracles of 2013.

But Math is just one aspect of this job. The other aspects, I must admit, I still have to learn well and fast. And every day I have to pep talk myself that I can do it because the beauty of being a a lawyer is that your brain is trained to understand almost anything when you’re forced to. Drafting and understanding various contracts   and transactions teach you how to do that. And if you can compute penalties using the indeterminate sentence law and considering mitigating and aggravating circumstances, well, I guess there’s nothing you can’t compute. (And I’m saying that not to show that I’m good but to drive home the point that it is impossible  to learn how to compute penalties)

So the verdict so far is that I’m enjoying my job. Every day is a learning experience and an opportunity for growth, which, come to think of it, is exactly what I need right now. I think some time during my second week, it dawned on me how immense my responsibility is, to the point that I actually had to ask myself what I had gotten myself into. But the excitement of seeing this project through eventually helped me overcome my fear. And when I learned to be patient with myself for not knowing everything at once, I started to relax and enjoy the process. 

I have to say that this is the most challenging job I’ve had, if only because it’s not purely legal work. Strange how I’ve been saying that I want a job that’s not purely lawyer stuff only to realize now that it really requires a major step out of my comfort zone.  In  my previous jobs, I at least knew that I was working within certain parameters, and I was comfortable with it. Now, the parameters have extended up to God knows where, and every day, I have to rely on pure grace to do what I have to do.

But thanks be to God, a month had passed and I’m still alive. And not just alive, but happy. Math notwithstanding. 


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It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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