And The Best Film I’ve Seen So Far This Year is….

I want to say that the best movie I’ve seen so far this year is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close because I really loved that film and it made me cry and cry until all the pain of missing my father got to a manageable level again, but the truth is, the movie that I’ve been raving about even before I got to see it is The Hunger Games.

The movie didn’t disappoint. It’s touching and brutal and romantic all at the same time. But what really struck me was how the people from Capitol were depicted in the movie— so vile and phony and shallow.

It struck me how it’s highly possible that we all end up like that in the future if we don’t watch our values this early. The pink hair, the butterfly eyelashes, the loud outfits— all these succeeded in showing how frivolous we can get given the resources and the society’s permission to be so. If for anything, the depiction of the people from Capitol serves as a warning to our future selves. That’s one of the things that made the movie brilliant for me.

Reading and seeing The Hunger Games brought back that same feeling I had when I first read the book 1984. The only difference is that I read 1984 after year 1984, at which I time I already knew that the world didn’t come to what Orwell had predicted. The Hunger Games, however, no matter how bizarre, still managed to give me that unsettling feeling about the future. I recently visited a place where the grandeur and opulence of the surroundings made me feel what being from a Third World country really means. Strange that I’ve known the concept of being  a third world country for so long, and yet never really realized the weight of it until I saw what its opposite means.  In a sense, it made me feel like one of the people from district 12— in awe yet in disbelief how such a majestic place can exist when there’s too much poverty elsewhere.

I like that they downplayed the love angle in the film. I think hyping it would’ve watered down what the story is about. I just didn’t like how Peeta appeared to be weak and more of a liability than an asset for Katniss. I hope they fix that when they do the film for Book 2.

In conclusion, while the book is way better, the film undeniably has its moments. In fact, it exceeded my expectations in some parts, like when it showed how the game masters manipulated the events in the arena, and how the tributes represented all races.  The Hunger Games is definitely one of those films that would make you want to read the book if you haven’t read it yet, or read it again if you’ve already finished it. And, as I’ve told a friend who’s also raving about it, it definitely puts Twilight in its proper place.


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