On the same day that my friend texted me about how much she enjoys living alone, I read an article about the same topic in Time magazine. And that made me think: while I didn’t enjoy living alone (I did so for a few months many years ago when my family moved to our house in Cavite), there are a number of things I enjoy doing alone.

1. Going to a coffee shop— I enjoy sitting in a quiet coffee shop, reading a book or a newspaper, putting it down once in a while, staring blankly, and sipping my coffee. Pure pure bliss.

2. Shopping— I take my time when I shop. So I don’t like the idea of having to worry if my companion is already bored as I go from store to store. Worse, I don’t like being compelled to show her how a dress Β fits while I’m inside the fitting room. Well, actually, what I don’t like is hearing myself say that the dress doesn’t fit all. Haha!

3. Going to the bookstore— If I take my time when I shop, I take my SWEET time when I buy books. So I want to go to the bookstore alone because there are times— and this used to happen a lot when I was in college— that I stay inside a bookstore the whole day. No kidding.

4. Commuting— I don’t like it when I ride a cab or Β a bus and I have to look after my companion or talk to her all the time. It makes me disoriented and dizzy. Plus, I want to get lost in my thoughts when I commute, so I consider that as my alone time.

5. Visiting the adoration chapel and going to mass— It’s my time with God and no one else. Also, I usually want to keep the solemn mood long after I’ve left the church. Talking to someone immediately after my prayer time disrupts that.

6. Watching DVDs at home. Ok, this list is starting to freak me out. I think I should really stay single. Haha! Yes, I love watching movies alone at home because 1. I want a free hand as to when to rewind and when to fast forward, 2. My number one pet peeve is when people ask questions or interrupt my thoughts while I’m watching, and 3. If I get bored at the first 15 minutes, I want to be able to change what I’m watching.

7. Pampering myself— Whether it’s getting a haircut, or having a massage, I enjoy pampering myself the most when I’m alone. I guess it’s my way of making a statement that this time, this day, this activity, is all about me.

8. Going to the gym— I love the thought that I frequent a place where the people become familiar and yet remain strangers. I think part of the joy of going to the gym is I don’t have to be friends with anyone. I just go there, sweat, take a shower, accomplish my mission, and leave. I don’t think there’s any other place in the world where I can be so comfortable and fulfilled yet so aloof and detached at the same time.

9. Running. Running with friends is fun, but running alone makes me feel like a serious runner, even if I know that I’m just pretending. Haha.

10. Checking in at a hotel— This is something I haven’t done in a long while. Actually, I only got to do it when I was still travelling for my court hearings many years ago. I love how my time is all mine, which means I can opt to dine out or have room service, sleep late or turn in early, do some sight seeing or just stay in bed, take long baths and hang out in the lobby. Plus, buffet breakfasts are best enjoyed when you’re alone. Trust me.

11. Taking pictures. Ask any photographer and she’ll tell you that it’s best to do this alone. I want to be able to take all angles of a shot without being wary that my companion is getting impatient. I want to climb whatever stairs I need to climb to get that perfect lighting. And I hate being told “patingin” each and every time I take a picture.

So maybe you’re wondering, well what else does she enjoy doing with somebody else? Hmmm. I’m asking myself the same question. Haha. Perhaps that will be my next post. πŸ˜‰


About whathappensinbetween

It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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4 Responses to ALONE

  1. praeteritum says:

    Just realised how I share a lot of these too. From 2-10. Check!

  2. janiscooking says:

    mads! πŸ™‚ gets ko yung alone moments na ‘to but i definitely agree with the commuting part! i know how taxi drivers can make or break my day but still, i love going home in a cab by myself because i enjoy that short moment when i can aimlessly stare and watch people/things outside from where i sit. but yung watching DVDs mads, ibang usapan pag Korean drama. mas enjoy ang may kasama! πŸ˜€

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