I can imagine how the public feels as they watch the ongoing impeachment trial. The rules of evidence only started to make sense to me when I started to litigate. Even as a law student, no amount of reading the rules over and over, and no amount of threat from my evidence professor could make me appreciate the subject. My one and only recitation in evidence (which lasted the whole period) was about independently relevant statements which left my professor exasperated with my answers. Although my knowledge of evidence now is fairly decent, I totally understand why it’s now causing nosebleed to the public and even to some impeachment lawyers. Evidence is one branch of law that only starts to make sense when you practice it. As opposed, I guess, to Taxation, which never makes sense at all. Haha.

Anyway, the other thing that’s making my nose bleed these days is this project I was given in which I’m expected to know the ins and outs of finance, engineering, and technology. Last I checked, I had zero units of those subjects, although I must say, I have a hundred units of how-to-sound-convincing-when-you’re-really-just-winging-it. Haha. The worn-out “let me get back to you on that” still works, after all. However, it’s the getting back part that’s making my nose bleed.

Still on the topic of nosebleed, I realized also that for all my claims that I’m so not a techie person because I could never figure out how to operate anything that involves technology, I am now a reluctant user of several gadgets. Jeni pointed this out to me the other day when we were texting, BBMing and tweeting at the same time— a task which entailed using three cellphones. And then my sister asked me if I have this particular book, and I couldn’t remember if I have it on my ipad or my kindle. Then my brother wanted to borrow my camera, and I asked him which one, the point and shoot or the DSLR? And that’s how I realized how utterly redundant my possessions are. This, from a girl who claims that she loathes gadgets! So now you know where all the nosebleed is coming from: it’s from having to learn how to set the word substitution feature of my blackberry so that “mo” won’t turn into month, or HR into hour, each and every time I type it, and from learning how to manipulate the settings of my camera so that when I take pictures, my brother won’t tease me that it’s “parang point and shoot lang.” I swear, the moment DSLR enters your life, your world won’t be the same again.

The truth of the matter is that I would rather go back to the times when I didn’t have to worry about batteries running out before I could finish the book I’m reading, or the times when I had to learn how to  shoot wisely and carefully because my film was only good for 24 shots, or the times when the only way my crush could communicate with me was if he’d call my landline, which  meant that I’d hear his voice and not just get a measly text from him. Those were simple, happy, nosebleed free days. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing that tilts the balance in favor of this high-tech era is the fact that I can work from home from time to time and still be on top of things. That, and the instant delivery of books anytime and anywhere I want them. And of course, fruit ninja–that simple mindless game which is a throwback to the Game and Watch era. Because while Mario (the game of my generation) made my nose bleed beyond level 2 as it required me to calculate the trajectory of my jump in order to avoid the dragon, the only thing that fruit ninja requires of me is slice those fruits with my fingers which I can easily do even during frenzy mode. So never mind the apps, never mind the instant downloads, never mind the BBM. Fruit ninja is the best argument for this technology-obssessed generation. After all, it’s the only game since Popeye that doesn’t make my nose bleed. Haha.

But going back to the impeachment, it’s bound to make more noses bleed in the days to come. In fact, it seems to me that the lawyers (both for the prosecution and the defense) are hemorrhaging their way through it. As my civil procedure professor once said: “The Rules of Court…you either get it or you don’t.” Well, thanks to the ongoing impeachment, we now know where to find those who don’t. 😉


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It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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