In His Defense

I feel that now is the best time to speak up about this administration. I’ve had several “arguments” with some people recently about our President and the recent events in our country. I know I’m not the most objective person to blog about this, given that I work for him, but this still has to be said: I believe in this President. You can say all you want about his leadership, his competence, his decisions, his advisers, even his love life, but this much I can say: His heart is in the right place. You may doubt his capacity and you’re entitled to that, but you must agree that his integrity is impeccable. In fact, I would even go as far as saying that he’s the only president I can work for and still not feel bad about myself for doing so. I voted for him and I don’t regret that choice because I can personally see now how corruption is being sincerely addressed in our transactions.   Like I’ve always believed in, it does a make a difference if the person at the helm states that we must take the straight and narrow path and leads us in doing so. This President at least has the credibility to stand by that commitment.  So go ahead and doubt his capability and everything else about him, but please don’t doubt what he stands for.  Let’s agree to disagree on the issues, but let’s please agree on one thing: There’s no other person who can speak of a clean government and look as all in the eye at the same time aside from this President. Right now, he’s the one our country needs. Let’s give him a chance to lead us. As it is written in the scriptures, man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart. It’s about time we do that as a nation.


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It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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1 Response to In His Defense

  1. melvel79 says:

    How he will handle the Hacienda Luisita SC decision will show us who are not impressed if his “daang matuwid” stance is just all talk.

    I’m all for eliminating corruption but it seems like that’s all his government wants to do. Punish the corrupt from the past administration. If he really is sincere in punishing all those who are corrupt,he doesn’t even need to look far… his VP and VP’s family are so ripe for graft and corruption investigations.

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