The One That Got Away

Funny that on the same week that I had an interesting conversation with my law school blockmates about The One That Got Away, I learned that Katy Perry has a new song with the same title which happens to be the soundtrack of Breaking Dawn, which, as everybody knows, is a sequel of Twilight—a book/movie I associate with someone who could vie as my “The One That Got Away.” In my younger years, I would’ve gasped and said, “It’s a sign!” But then I’m not a sign seeker anymore. Which doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t appreciate the uncanny connection of events there.

Anyway, they say everyone has this person in his/her life. It could be the good friend you’ve secretly loved all these years, or that person you met as some convention with whom you had an instant connection which you never pursued, or that ex- boyfriend/girlfriend you let go of only to realize that five years later, you’re still hung up on him or her and you can’t even remember anymore what really went wrong.

If you ask me, I can’t claim with conviction that there’s someone in my life that I’m ready to label as The One That Got Away. That’s either because I’ve ceased to be a hopeless romantic, or because I’m still in denial that the person I want already got away. Haha.  Seriously though, I think it’s all a matter of perspective. I think it cuts both ways. I think instead of thinking that a certain person is The One That Got Away, I choose to think that I AM the one that got away. That it’s more his loss than mine. That in the bigger picture, it was also my choice as much as his that we’re not together now.

Incidentally, on my way to work this morning, the DJs on the radio station I was listening to were asking their listeners this question: What would your Facebook status be if today is the wedding day of the one that got away?

My answer to that:  Who needs The One That Got Away when I can simply have The One?

Haha. Easier said, I know. Because in real life…well, in real life,  I really wouldn’t know anything about finding The One. 😉


About whathappensinbetween

It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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