Press Release Part II

So you did find my blog. I’m impressed. Remind me to ask for your help the next time I want to cyber stalk someone who’s beyond my cyber stalking prowess, i.e. the love of my law school life who in the time of facebook and google still has no online presence until now. Haha. But I digress. The truth is, I kinda find funny the manner by which you let me know that you’ve found this blog. First, you asked if my nickname is Gigay, and then  you made fun of me and my air supply songs. And I remember thinking right there and then, ito na ang karma ko sa lahat ng pang-iistalk na ginawa ko dati sa crush ko. Haha. So thanks to this blog you now know all these useless information about me. Fine. That’s the point of blogging anyway-to let people witness my life for its events and non-events even though it’s actually 20% of the former and 80% of the latter. Haha.

As for your pending question which I didn’t get to answer earlier, some girls are unfaithful for the same reason men are: because they want the best of both worlds and they dont have the courage to choose what is best for them and to stick to that no matter what. And since infidelity is not gender specific,I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my female friends who are smilalry situated:if trust is the issue, then you know there’s no genuine issue. In other words, kailangan pa bang i-you know what yan? Haha. Move on, pick up the pieces, and cyber stalk if you must. With the help of Google, the search will soon be over. Haha.


About whathappensinbetween

It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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