My Inner Jologs

I have a theory which I relayed to a friend who relayed it to another friend and which became the topic of our dinner conversation the other night. The theory is that all of us have an inner jologs, which means that each person, regardless of his/her stature in life, harbors a hidden pleasure for one or a few shallow things that he will never admit in public. Actually, “shallow” doesn’t quite capture the essence of the term “jologs” but if you’re like most people according to my theory, then you know  what I’m talking about.

Here’s mine:

1. Showbiz updates. I won’t sacrifice my Sunday afternoon nap for The Buzz but every once in a while, I have to have my showbiz news fix. No reason; I just have to. So from time to time, I watch SNN, go to, read the local Yes magazine from cover to cover, and follow showbiz personalities on Twitter, like iamsuperbianca, IamAngelicaP, and red_angel. Di ko lang talaga kinaya yung iamkrisaquino, so that at least proves may hangganan pa din ang pagkajologs ko. Haha.

2. Local films and shows. This fact about me is not so hidden anymore, as most of my friends know that I’ve seen all of John Lloyd’s movies, and I couldn’t resist watching an old TVJ film whenever I chance upon one while surfing channels. Plus, I never hid the fact that I’m a fan of Kimerald (yes, ganung level) and that against my better judgment, I sometimes watch ASAP if only to see Enchong Dee. My friend said that in view of this, she has every ground to disown me. Not even the fact that I do have great taste in foreign films and that I do watch those serious CNN and NatGeo shows could dissuade her.

3. Music. Don’t ask me why and how I came to know the lyrics of almost every Air Supply song there is. Don’t ask me why my signature videoke song is I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore. Don’t ask me why I can name the tune of any 80s song in one note. As far as music goes, I’m stuck in the 80s and Jingle Songhits and the hourly M.R.S. My preference for corny songs is one of those things I cannot explain myself. Maybe it’s due to my early exposure to them or maybe it’s because these songs soundtracked my growing up years. I swear, if somebody tells me that my choice of songs is pathetic, I’m prepared to argue that  it may be genetic. 😉

4.  Street Food.  I was called ‘high maintenance’ by a male friend who said he’d never date me simply because he couldn’t make me eat in our office canteen. Thank God, I don’t like him. 😉 But if only he’d get to know me well, he’d know that while I loathe canteen food, all it takes to make me happy is an endless supply of fishballs, isaw and dirty ice cream.   Every time I’m in UP and I’m asked to choose   between  Chocolate Kiss and beach house, I always choose the latter in a heartbeat. And while I do love taking coffee breaks in Starbucks, the best merienda for me, hands down, is the banana-q sold at the corner of Faura and Orosa. I love it so much I can eat three sticks in one sitting, my paranoia of catching Hepa-B notwithstanding.

5. Trash Novels.  I’d like to think that I’m a smart reader, but I won’t deny that there are days when I head off to Booksale and buy the trashiest novel I can find. I have to make a disclaimer though: I’m not talking about the Mills and Boon, Judith McNaught variety. That, I couldn’t take. What I’m referring to are those chick lit books that you can buy at P50.00 and finish reading in under two hours. I read this stuff when I want to read but refuse to concentrate. Sometimes, when I’m lucky, I stumble upon something really witty and interesting. Most of the time, though, I end up giving these books away lest they become further proofs of my inner jologs.

The truth is, there are other things that can be added to this list, like my fascination for Koranovelas and my penchant to buy really cheap stuff like flat shoes that I wear to death and throw away. As for my innermost jologs, well, there’s a good reason why I refuse to divulge them. And believe me, you’re better off not knowing. 😉


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It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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