I consider it a windfall when I visit a place and it exceeds my expectations. That happened last weekend when I visited Corregidor and I was totally enamored with the beauty of the place.

I was told that Corregidor is a photographer’s haven and that it’s a historical site rich with amusing war stories. What I wasn’t told, however, was that it’s a place teeming with mystery at every turn. I wasn’t told that the breeze there reminds you of that place and time in your childhood when playing under the sun and feeling the wind on your skin was an every day experience. I wasn’t told that when you wake up in your bedroom in the middle of the night, you can actually hear the crashing of the waves on the shore, enough to make you remember all your lost loves and the lessons you learned from them. I wasn’t told that a few steps from the shore is this old chapel that’s so beautiful and quaint that it makes you want to fall in love all over again.

I wasn’t told that exploring the island is enough to make you look back, not just on your country’s history but on your personal history, thus making you decide right there and then that some things should be different from now on.

Maybe it was the calmness of the place, or the coolness of the wind that made me feel alive and introspective.

Whatever it was, Corregidor, as I wonderfully discovered, is a place that makes you feel nostalgic even though you know you don’t have any actual connection with any of the events that happened there many years ago. Its charm lies in the fact that even without the improvements that they introduce to promote the place, it could still capture your imagination.

Corregidor is a place with a story to tell. And once you set foot on the island, you wish that you were part of that story as well.

*More pictures of my trip here


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