To The Prettiest Girl In Grade 7 (Part 2)

It’s my good friend Rosa’s birthday today.

I’m writing this not because she also blogged about me on my birthday but because Rosa is the kind of friend you want to affirm over and over and that still wouldn’t be enough to thank her for making you realize all the nice things about yourself.

We were office mates for four years. When she joined our office, I was already good friends with Rache, but by virtue of the fact that Rosa was more supportive of my crush on this guy (Rache announced from the start that “na parang tumama ng lotto” yung guy pag naging kami. Haha) I immediately took her under my wings. When I became broken hearted because the same guy ended up with a friend of mine, Rosa tried to comfort me with this classic line I’ll never forget: “Wala akong words of wisdom na masasabi, pero pwede kitang samahan mag-shopping.”


And shop we did.

And thus began a crazy wonderful friendship that’s soundtracked by equally crazy songs like Total Eclipse of the Heart and Part Time Lover, the context of which I can’t reveal without getting both of us into trouble with the IBP. Haha.

But seriously, Rosa is the kind of friend you would want to be stuck in a long road trip or  a long line with because she will never run out of amusing things to say. She will take care of you when you’re too lazy ( as I am ) to move about, and she will put up with your mood swings and will understand if you would rather be quiet for a moment even though she’s still full of energy and childlike excitement.  She’s super organized ( I learned all sorts of travel tips from her), very punctual (hence, she gets frustrated when people are constantly late), very practical (for all her shopping splurges, she is actually a wise spender who believes in the concept of value for money), and she can indulge you in your fantasy life no matter how outrageous it may be.

I think I’ve affirmed Rosa in the past for her fabulousness,  her wit and charm and her ability to make me laugh, but I’ve never affirmed her for the more profound things she does. Now is my chance to do so.  I wish more people will get to see how she has grown in her faith, and how, in the past year, she has been to me what I used to be for her— a source of comfort and wisdom, and a loyal friend I can rely on to believe on my behalf that things will eventually get better. I hope she gets to realize that she is really beautiful even without trying and that she has what it takes to be what she aspires to be and more.I hope she finally learns to accept the fact that she’s a good catch and she’s never meant to settle for anything less than what her heart truly desires.

Rosa is the kind of person I probably would’ve wanted to be friends with in college but wouldn’t have had the courage to approach because she looks so sosyal and driven. Which is why I’m glad that CA has brought us together (who would have thought?) and Lingkod would seal our friendship even better (mas malaking who would’ve thought! Haha!)  I feel that we’ve been through a lot and yet there’s so much more to experience together. I promised her I’ll have a fountain built for her garden when we’re both rich. She promised me a dozen other pangmayaman things in return and we got a kick out of imagining ourselves when (not if) that time comes.

So to my dear friend Rosa, happy happy birthday!

Thank you for being in my corner and for making it easy to still be friends despite our distance and our crazy schedule. I’m blessed to have you as my encourager, my loyal friend, and my first official stylist. I know you’re big on birthdays so I hope this day will bring you surprises beyond what you expect.

With lots of love from me, the right A, Minko, Aaron and Ally. Haha. Fantasy life is much better lived with you around.

Note: For those who are wondering about the title, it’s the same title I used when I blogged about Rosa a few years ago. The explanation for this title, however, is not my story to tell. 😉


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2 Responses to To The Prettiest Girl In Grade 7 (Part 2)

  1. rosa says:

    awwwww … thanks so much for this, Gay ☺☺☺ grabe, i thought our “date” made my bday perfect already, and then i come home to this. naiiyak ako (and you know that in our years of friendship, you only saw me cry when i passed the bar!) reading such beautiful words from you. grabe. dapat ma-i-frame to, and maipakita kay you-know-who ☺☺☺ by way of reply, thanks for loving me even when i wasn’t any of the wonderful things you said about me.

  2. You’re welcome Rosa. I meant every word. I prayed for you last night. I’m really really hoping all of God’s plans for both of us will come to pass in His time 😉

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