My Picture Perfect Life Starts Now

I bought myself a new camera— a Canon D450XSi— and spent the last two days studying its features. Like a true scholar, I read the manual and tried to commit everything to memory, but in the end, my brother who also bought his NikonD90 recently, and who hasn’t read a single page on his manual, took better pictures than I did. So I was convinced that as in most things in life, the well-settled rule that practice makes perfect applies to taking good pictures as well. So practice I did. And where else would I bring my new friend Minko (my camera’s name, long story) but in U.P naming mahal, which is arguably the most photogenic university in the country?

So here goes nothing…

I know it’s not much (parang point and shoot pa din, as my sister teased) but the point is I’m having so much fun, and for sure, I can only get better. Besides, as my good friend and biggest fan Kat would say, “Kung magaling ka pa dyan, e di magaling ka na sa lahat!” Haha. She was humoring me, of course. Anyhoo, I’m enjoying my new addiction and I’m determined to be good at it, so I hereby declare that my picture perfect life starts now.  The only thing lacking is a particular someone to do it with. Now that will surely complete the picture. 😉


About whathappensinbetween

It took me almost an hour to figure out what to write here so I guess that says a lot about me.
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2 Responses to My Picture Perfect Life Starts Now

  1. The Girl In The Windy City says:

    Great start — I can see you playing with the AV numbers for Photo 3 and 4! Have fun and click away!

  2. yup, i’m zeroing in on that function right now. thanks for the encouragement. 😉 i can’t believe i didn’t start this hobby early on. it’s sooo much fun! love your pics too, and how you play with colors. 😉

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